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Getting in-content backlinks from Backlink-Market.com is the most safest way of getting backlinks. You can check all link giving pages before you purchase a link. You can filter the Marketplace by SEO metrics, Categories, Language, Country and many more to find the perfect match for your website. Risk free backlinks with full control at fair prices. Google absolutely loves in-content links from relevant websites. Link building has never been so safe and easy.

Pricing and Payment

We offer Credit Card and PayPal payment options. Payments are handled by PayPro Global.

The prices starts from 1€ per link per month and depends on the URLs metric. The higher and more powerful the URL the higher the price.

All prices are monthly. You pay a price for a whole month from 1st to 1st of next month.

When you place your first order you automatically allow us to bill you for your active links on each month. We bill you for all currently active links on the 1st day of a month. You pre pay for the whole month. This is very comfortable for you. You can stop the backlinks at any time and so we do not bill you next month for the stopped backlinks.

We count the remaining days for this month and calculate the price for the backlink based on the monthly price. Means, you just pay a part of the monthly price, exactly the price for the remaining days.


All purchased backlinks getting automatically checked and verified once per day. When your link pops up as offline we ask the blog owner to immediately fix the link. If the link is not fixed within 5 days we refund the costs for this link to your balance and stop the order.

Yes, you can inspect the URL before you purchase a link from the blog post.

You can filter the marketplace by country, language, Maj. TF, Maj. CF, MOZ DA, MOZ PA, RD (Referring Domains), OBL (OutBound Links), price, category and TLD (TopLevel Domain).

We strictly offer only the best quality and so all links are be placed within the content of each Blog Post. You can also create a surrounding content of max. 200 characters for each link (optional). We do not offer Footer or Sidebar links. These links will do more harm than good.


Just register an account, add our Wordpress Plugin to your Blog and add the verification key. We automatically evaluate your blog posts with SEO metrics and suggest a matching price with our smart pricing algorithm. You also have the option to skip some blog posts from getting added to our marketplace. As soon as a buyer purchases a link from your blog, the plugin automatically adds the link to the blog post and you get credited for it on the 2nd day of each month for the previous month. We sum up all your earnings from your active links from last month to be ready for withdrawal. The whole process is fully automated. Lean back and make money on autopilot.

You need a paypal account to receive your monthly earnings. You can request a withdrawal when your earnings balance is above 50€. You can request a withdrawal once per month.

Yes. Your blog post needs to have a min. Maj. TF of 10 and it needs to be indexed in google.

Unlimited. The more blog posts you add the more you can earn.

Yes. You can exclude any blog post from getting listed on the marketplace. The members area offers a Site Management where you can easily remove, edit your pages.

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